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Getting To Know Our Team & Our Philosophy


Stacy Panetta, OTR, CLC

Feeding Specialist

I knew from a young age that I wanted to be in the rehabilitation field.  I have always loved helping others and being with children.  I also knew I wanted to work within pediatrics. Occupational Therapy was the ideal fit for me. I started my career at Michigan Medicine, and worked alongside some of the most inspiring team members, who lead me to my passion of Feeding Therapy.  I have been a pediatric OT for 16 years, with most of the past 10 years focused on feeding & swallowing.

Shooting Star Feeding & Swallowing Therapy came from that passion and love of helping others.  I wanted to create a space that allowed for a variety of options to help families and to truly put patients and families first.  

Stacy Panetta, Clinic Owner


Going Above & Beyond for Your Child

Feeding and eating are a part of all our lives, and when something disrupts this, it becomes stressful for both the infant or child as well as the family.  I believe that together, we can work to improve the quality of your mealtime and bring the love back into feeding and eating within your home.  Whether the disruption is from stress around your infant gaining weight, your toddler eating limited foods, or your child having difficulty with swallowing, there is hope and opportunity for change.  I believe in a team approach and will be your coach to help guide you and your family along your journey.   

About Nicole Martin

Office Manger

"I realized my love for helping children while working for Plymouth Canton Schools in their preschool classroom for children with Autism. Being able to help and be a part of their growth made me feel like I was a part of something bigger.  I felt like I was doing what I was made to do."  

Nicole is a mom to three girls, which keeps her busy and is her most cherished title.  Her girls are "her world". 

She is excited to be a part of Shooting Star because it combines two things that she loves most, family and being able to help others. 


About Elise Garza

Therapy Technician

Elise is a prospective Occupational Therapy student completing her Bachelors in Psychology. She started off as an ABA technician and soon found the wonderful world of Occupational Therapy. She spends her weekends working at Michigan Medicine with adults in Inpatient Rehabilitation. 

"I knew Occupational Therapy fit for me when I looked around and saw the positive impact it had on each person." 

She loves working at Shooting Star because of the great educational and personal growth that is attained. 

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